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Heart Disease


2013 Cardiovascular Prevention Guidelines: Overview

One third of all American deaths each year are caused by heart disease or stroke. The public health impact of cardiovascular disease motivated the release of updated guidelines for the prevention of heart disease and stroke. ...(more)

2013 Cardiovascular Prevention Guidelines: Assessment

The 2013 Cardiovascular Prevention Guidelines new guidelines provide new formulas focusing on risk for women and African Americans and focus on lifetime risk rather than 10 year risk. Discussing the new guidelines with your doctor may lead to a change in your heart disease prevention strategy. ...(more)

2013 Cardiovascular Prevention Guidelines: Lifestyle Management

Diet and physical activity have a significant impact on heart health and the risk of heart attack and stroke. Discussing the 2013 Cardiovascular Prevention Guidelines with your doctor may lead to a change in your heart disease prevention strategy. ...(more)

2013 Cardiovascular Prevention Guidelines: Obesity

The 2013 Cardiovascular Prevention Guidelines for obesity encourage doctors to actively address weight with their patients and treat it as a disease rather than a lifestyle issue. Discussing the new guidelines with your doctor may lead to a change in your heart disease prevention strategy. ...(more)

Heart Failure

Premature Atrial Complexes in Children

Premature atrial complexes (PAC) are so common that a majority of people will have them at some point in their life. If you find out your child is experiencing this, do not panic. It just means that the atria contracts sooner than expected. This does not mean that there is any additional problem, and most people live happy and healthy lives with this condition....(more)

Signs and Symptoms of Diastolic Heart Failure

Diastolic heart failure is when your heart is unable to relax properly. Between each heartbeat, the chamber of the afflicted area cannot fill with blood as it should. This usually causes the walls of the heart to thicken and the left side of the heart either stays normal size or shrinks. This is a major problem as the left side of your heart is important for normal heart function. If you concerned about diastolic heart failure, this article will be helpful in leading you to a better understanding of its symptoms....(more)

Coughing With Congestive Heart Failure

Congestive heart failure is a type of heart disease that presents various symptoms. The one symptom, a cough, is the most persistent and most common. There are many other symptoms that can be recognized in order to help a person cope with congestive heart failure. A person needs to be attentive to these signs to be able to get the right kind of care they may need. Making sure they know when a cough is more than just a regular cough can mean the difference between life and death....(more)

Managing Risks

Gum Disease And Heart Disease

Taking care of your teeth is important for a beautiful smile, but it turns out good oral health is essential to a healthy heart as well. Gum disease is linked with an increased risk of heart disease. ...(more)

5 Surprising Ways to Protect Yourself From Heart Disease And Stroke

Protecting your heart could be a simple as eating an apple or enjoying a cup of coffee. Discover five simple ways to reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke....(more)

Heart Healthy Breakfast Tips

Tempted to grab what is handy, even if it isn't healthy, or skip breakfast all together? A healthy breakfast doesn't take too much time and these tips make it simple to start your day right....(more)

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